For years, China has been the go-to hub for the supply of construction materials, industrial equipment and furniture. However, searching for a reliable supplier on your own can be extremely costly and time-consuming.


Ekpac is a one-stop-shop that specializes in sourcing products from trustworthy suppliers, exercising quality control and following through with after-sales service. We are the partner that you have been looking for to take the sourcing burden off of you while letting you to earn more with no initial investment needed but only the customer orders that you already have!

Why Ekpac?


Gateway to China since 1910

Despite our Swedish origin, Ekpac has more than a century of experience trading in China. Look no further.


An All-inclusive Solution to your Sourcing Needs

Consider a huge part of your supply chain taken care of. Our solution is comprehensive: from supplier selection to quality control, from logistics to after-sales service, every aspect will be handled with utmost professionalism.


Worldwide Network

We want to put our products at your doorstep, wherever you are. Ekpac’s international network enables us to reach out to every corner of the world. Our offices are scattered across 7 countries and regions, including Sweden, Germany, the United States, Israel, Taiwan, Hong Kong and of course major cities in China.

Sourcing Product Solutions


Building Paneling

  • Wood-plastic composite, fireproof composite, fiberglass composite and aluminium panels
  • Outperforms conventional materials in terms of weight, strength, noise and temperature insulation.

Formwork & Wall Systems

  • Large scale structures can be deployed in days without specialized labour.
  • Modular components can be reused up to 300 times.
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Door & Window Components

  • Can be infused with WPC and fiberglass for extra stability
  • Locks and hinges

Scaffolding Systems

  • CE certified to meet European standards.
  • Beyond typical purposes: aircraft maintenance, ship building, bleachers in sports event etc.

Fabricated Metal Components

  • Come in die-cast, stamped and galvanized forms.
  • Can be custom-made to suit individual needs.

Furniture and Parts

  • Office fittings like tables and chairs, cubicle panels and monitor arms are just some of our offerings.

A Risk-free Partnership that Pays

Ekpac handpicks reliable supplier for you according to your needs, removing the inherent risk of trading in a business culture that you are unfamiliar with.

One-stop-shop for advice on sourcing, quality control, entry-exit inspection, logistics and after-sales service.

Achieve cost savings of at least 20% – not only do our partners save a great deal of time and costs, they can even receive a commission proportionate to the size of the transaction.

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